Thursday, May 27, 2010


It is so nice to go on a trip where the weather is nicer than where you live, and you don't almost die from a flood. Maybe I'm just getting picky in my old age.

Some highlights of the trip:

- Ate some good food, but not too much due to our many Roller Derby commitments. Although somehow I gained like 6 pounds. That is not a joke. 6 pounds. Luckily I have already lost 3.5 of those and I have made a new commitment to eating better and exercising more consistently. If you see me eating shit, or sitting on the couch then punch me in the arm (my face* does not need any damage).

The first good place we ate was Riviera Maya. It had a lot of vegetarian options and I ate some plantain/rice/cheese/avocado dish. It was pretty tasty. The afterparty was at a microbrewery called the Horny Goat. It was fine, but they have tater tots which is one of my favorite forms of potatoes. The last place was called Beans & Barley. It is a small grocery store & restaurant. It was simple but good. I had a burrito, coffee and key lime pie.

- The Roller Derby was good. There were 10 bouts per day and I probably saw at least parts of most of them. ARRG came away with a 2-1 record. It is nice to get back on the winning track. The bout against Burning River of Cleveland was the most complete and controlled game I have ever seen us play. I wish that Casey could have played, but she says her knee is starting to feel better.

The venue got hot and sweaty on Sunday, but I can't complain too much because it was in the 90s in St. Louie. They had a sweet pinball game there (World Cup) which helped some slower moments.

- The aforementioned afterparty was pretty good. I got to visit with some old friends from Omaha & St. Louis. Oh and we had 2 shakeweights. Yes shakeweights. Towards the end of the night I definitely felt like a creep because most people I knew were gone and it was only roller ladies left over. I tried to occupy myself as long as I could. Old Old Old.

That's all I got.

*Speaking of my face....I shaved my beard off. This is the first time I have been clean shaven since October. I needed a trim and I just figured what the heck. I realized that I am not a fan of my face and I think I will start a beard again. I just need to keep up with trimming it more often. I guess it is nice to know that I can go from looking 31 to 13 in an instant just by shaving.

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