Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yeast Lords & Infections

"I have a yeast infection."

That is a quote from Wicket, my dog, in case you were wondering. I can't believe you thought it was me that said that. Peanut, the dog, is usually the one who costs me money, but Wicket wanted a turn this time. She cost me $148 because she decided to get a yeast infection in her ear. What a bitch!!!!

Speaking of yeast, have you ever seen the movie 'Gentleman Broncos'? It is very strange, but likable. It is about this home-schooled kid who writes his own sci-fi novels. The main one in the movie was called 'Yeast Lords.' Here is a picture:

It was weird.

Me and the Missus took 2 days off last week and had a great time. We went to Johnson's Shut Ins State Park on Wednesday and Hurricane Harbor (Six Flags Water Park) on Thursday. Woo Swimming. I got a little sunburn, but it was worth it.

Johnson's Shut Ins was the place that was mostly destroyed 5 years ago when a reservoir broke. Now it is open and operational again. It was a fun time on a hot day.

Here is a quote from some little kids that were waiting behind us in line for one of the water-slides at Hurricane Harbor:

"Do you know who the gayest fag in our school is?"

So there is that.

Have a great day.

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