Sunday, August 8, 2010


Peanut woke me up early, as she always does, but I can't get back to sleep. So now I'm going to attempt to be creative. OK I give up, but I'm still going to post a blog.

I have some advice. Don't see Step Up 3D. I'm not sure how Casey, Nana and Mike convinced me to go to this movie, but I accidentally went. I had no intention of seeing it, but I guess I just wanted to get out of the house. There were not nearly enough sweet dance moves, and they did a bunch of bullshit things just for the 3D effects. There was this guy that did an amazing robot though.

I have some more advice. Watch 'The Wire'. I accidentally bought the entire series of 'The Wire' on DVD after returning from Baltimore. I have seen a few places that I visited while I was there which is cool, but the show itself is just well done. I watched 8 hour long episodes between Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Is it weird that sassy gay black men are my favorite characters in shows? Case in point: Lafayette from 'True Blood' and Omar from 'The Wire'.

My goals after returning from vacation were to try and live a little more simply (read more, bike more, walk more, cook for myself more, listen and play music more), eat better and exercise more. I have not succeeded yet, but I am trying. I have not read anything, biked, walked much, cooked, listened to much music or eaten much better. I did run and lift weights 3 times each. It is fine though because I have excuses.

This post is completely unfunny, so I will share 2 videos that have made me laugh a lot recently:

I have to thank DOB and Nick Normal for introducing these to me.

I mowed the lawn yesterday in a sleeveless shirt and jean shorts. I soon hope to livestream me doing manual labor in sleeveless shirts and jean shorts so be on the lookout. It was the first time I ever wore only clothing that I made. I cut the sleeves of the shirt and bottoms off of the pants. I probably would be on this season of Project Runway, but 3 dudes from St. Louis on one show is probably too much for the nation to handle.

I'm giving up on going back to sleep. I'm gunna eat some food.

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