Saturday, December 11, 2010

Am I in charge of my own life?

I have been contemplating my activities of the last 24 hours or so, and I am wondering if I am really the one who made the choices to do the things I've done. (Does that last sentence make sense?)

I don't remember getting out of work yesterday and saying: "Wow I would love to go skating at Rollercade with 10,000 teens and pre-teens."

Then saying: "Now I'm going to watch MacGruber and play Angry Birds until 2 in the morning and then sleep on the couch."

Then saying: "I want to get up at 7 am, play more Angry Birds and then watch the parts of MacGruber that Casey missed when she fell asleep."

Then finally saying: "I'm going to do some work while watching The Garbage Kids Movie on Netflix."

Anyone want to be my life coach?