Friday, December 3, 2010

Did I miss me?

Did you miss me? I didn't either.

I am enjoying a relaxing evening at home alone tonight. It's just me, a warm bath and my Grishams. Ok not that. More like laying around watching sports and playing with puppies. It feels pretty nice though. Work has been busy, friends & family have been in and out of town, and I feel like I am starting to lose touch with my life of leisure. I think I can get it back though. Some random thoughts:

1. I probably went a year or longer without eating at White Castle, but now I have succumbed to their siren song 3 times in the last 11 days. The only real problem is that I have not stopped enjoying it. I have been eating pretty well since Thanksgiving besides that so I guess it could be worse. I blame Johnnie Hubert.

2. The Wire is great. I made the mistake last month of only having about 5 episodes of season 4 left the night before going out of town. I stayed up until about 2 am, worked and then rode up to Chicago. Nothing like starting a weekend with no sleep. It was worth it, and I am trying to save the viewing of the final season for a time when I can dedicate about 13 hours to watching it all. My only issue with season 4 is that there was not enough McNulty. Indeed.

3. Have you heard of Die Antwoord? They are totally crazy. I had heard of them before, but never thought much of them until Halloween. Some friends of friends dressed up as them, and now I am totally intrigued by them. The costumes were spot on by the way. It is hard to tell if they are for real, or if they are some sort of performance artists doing experiments on us. Do yourself a favor and watch Enter the Ninja, Evil Boy and some of their interviews (too many great ones to link). They are trashy, sample music from Dance Dance Revolution and do the wang helicopter in Pink Floyd boxers. It there anything else to say? It's self spoken.

I was the Noid for Halloween. I thought it was a pretty sweet costume.

4. I drank a four loko in Chicago. It made me feel kind of crazy. I won't go into how the evening went (mostly because I can't remember), but it was loko. By now you have probably heard of the amazing characteristics of a four loko, but I'm going to tell you again.

1 24oz can of four loko has the caffeine of a six pack of diet coke and the alcohol of an entire bottle of wine. Does that blow anyone else's mind? You would be foolish not to drink four loko just because of the money you would save on beverages. Even a cheap bottle of wine and a six pack of soda would cost you at least $10, but a four loko costs like $2.50. What a deal. I had lemonade cranberry so not only did I get all the caffeine and alcohol I wanted, but the cranberry really helped out my urinary tract. I think I am still getting four loko flashbacks.
How cool is it that I just did a search for four loko and found a picture of people I knew in four loko costumes? Real cool. The one in the middle is also the girl who dressed as yolandi from Die Antwoord on Halloween.

5. Casey got an iPhone. She likes to think she is better than me because her phone is 5o levels nicer than mine. She might be right, but does her phone have an extendable antenna? I will admit that I love to play angry birds, and even if that is all the phone did it would be worth it.

69. The amount of nudity in 'Love and Other Drugs' should be the minimum amount of nudity allowed in every movie.

I have to get back to my relaxing now.

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