Saturday, January 29, 2011

I feel like I should be giving you the finger

I was driving down Kingshighway this evening in the right lane. This lady was standing in the street (I think at a bus stop). She wasn't in my lane, but she was close enough that I moved over a little as to not buzz by her. I was driving at a regular speed. She gave me the finger. I'm still a little confused as to why, but maybe she thought I should have been giving her the finger and she opted for a preemptive strike. I guess it worked because I sure don't feel like I won the battle.

I sustained a push up injury on Wednesday. I'm not proud. I was at the WFM holiday partay at the City Museum. It was a good time, but it got to that point in the night when people start doing push ups (FYI- This signals the end of any partay). Of course I had to bust out some one armed push ups which went over well. Then people wanted to see how many times they could clap in between push ups. The answer is 1. If you try for 2 then you slam your body into your hands/arms/the concrete floor and feel like you broke your sternum. You also have to pretend that it didn't hurt really bad because then the one armed push ups wouldn't seem nearly as cool. It is really just a nagging pain at this point which is good. I might not die over this after all.

Some quick advice: Don't watch Black Swan and Precious in the same 24 hour period. You will feel strange.

Other: I am going to attempt the try not to be quite so fat plan #257 starting on Tuesday. The missus and I will try to eat a plant based diet for all of February. If anyone has any easy and delicious vegan recipes please send them my whey (get it?).