Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I don't have too many jokes tonight (I do have a fun fact about Daniel Boone that I will reveal later), but I did have a kick ass weekend that I wanted to document so you would get jealous of my life.

Friday I got to leave work a little early which is a great way to start out the weekend. Casey was off on Friday night which is also a bonus since she never seems to be off. We then proceeded to eat some Zen Thai, drink beers and eat cookies with lots of my college buds. Thanks to Jamie and family for coming into town from Montreal and giving us an excuse to hang. Some topics of conversation: High School Sex Education, The Grateful Dead (and how we know a lot of their songs without knowing it) and books about hermaphrodites.

Saturday morning I made a huge mistake. Well maybe not, but I made a decision that would dictate how I would spend about 24 of the next 36 hours. There was nothing on tv so I decided to check out Sons of Anarchy on Netflix. It started innocently enough in that I only watched like 2 episodes in the morning. For my first TV break I went to have lunch at the Bleeding Deacon with Ashley & The Shadow. It was delicious as usual. I need to go there more often, but they are always so busy at dinner time. Lunch is a good time to go. The Shadow ordered a 10 pound plate of nachos. Then we went to the Amsterdam pub to watch some soccer. There was a big UEFA Champions League championship between Barcelona and Manchester United. It was super crowded, but a really good time. I even ran into Julien (Jamie's hubby in from Montreal) at the pub. It is the place to be in St. Louis to watch soccer. They almost ran out of beer. Casey got off of work and then instead of go to one of two different parties we decided to eat pizza read comic books (Casey) and watch Sons of Anarchy until 3 am.

Sunday was kind of a blur of lemonade, biker gangs and procrastination. Whole Foods had these delicious lemonades on sale last week. They are usually $3 on sale for $1, but wait....there was also an online coupon for .75 off each bottle. That makes these lemonades .25. I only bought 6, but I know a lot of people who bought cases of them. We are extreme couponers. So anyway I am pretty sure all we did on Sunday was watch Sons of Anarchy, drink lemonade and not mow the lawn. You might not be able to tell so far, but I am pretty into Sons of Anarchy. Now I am going to have to find a way to watch season 3.

Monday I got up early, probably around 6:30am. I think I got up this early because I felt bad about myself for only watching TV the last few days. I pulled/cut down weeds, picked up dog poop and mowed the lawn. It took 2.5 hours and it was hot and made me soooo sweaty and tired. The good news was that i was done with all of the yard work by 10:30. After relaxing for a few hours we headed off to Defiance, MO for a lake party/BBQ with some roller derby peeps. It was just about the best time ever. We ate snacks, drank beers, swam, went on a rope swing, came up with inventions (most involved poop, beer coozies, fun noodle accessories or some combination of the 3), and just generally had an awesome time. It made me really want a little cabin by a secluded lake. Maybe someday...

Weekend over.

Daniel Boone fun facts:

1. I am related to Daniel Boone.

2. Daniel Boone had a condition that caused him to lactate.

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