Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chewy & The Beav --Pilot Episode

This is the best thing to happen to TV since ALF:

Pilot episode: Chewy & The Beav

Chewy is up early in the morning. She is making banana & chocolate chip pancakes, but she does not have a recipe or any directions. She burned the first few and she tried to eat the next batch, but it was mostly raw batter. Undeterred she whipped up a new batch and it was perfection. She can’t wait to share some with the Beav.

Chewy fills a plate with her delicious pancakes and skates back to the bedroom she shares with the Beav. (Cut to image of Chewy & The Beav’s bedroom. They each have a twin bed with their name displayed above it.) Beav is snoring. (Notice that Chewy & the Beav always have skates on).

Chewy: Beav I made some awesomesauce pancakes. You should get up and eat with me!!

Beav: Snore

Chewy: Beav it’s a beautiful day for pancakes.

Beav: (Starting to stir) I’ll kill you.

Chewy: Awww Beav.

Beav: Just kidding Chewy. Bring me those pancakes and go get me some milk. But if you wake me up again I’ll shank ya (said with a toothy grin).

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