Monday, March 31, 2008

Mad, but not that Mad

So last week my knee started hurting from all of my running. It passed after a day so I thought I might still be ok for my half marathon in a week. Then I went for my 10 mile run yesterday and only made it 5 miles and then had to walk 2 miles to get home because the pain was too intense. That blows. I am still hoping for a miraculous turnaround, but I am not too optimistic. I think that I just weigh too much to run so much. I looked and I have run 123 miles in the past 9 1/2 weeks. That's pretty good. I have been in talks with movie studios to make a movie about my quest. The working title is 9 1/2 weeks. I want Mickey Rourke to play me and Kim Basinger to play the role of Casey.

I am still blown away by the fact that I have not left Missouri since September. I used to travel non stop and now I have been in one small area for so long. Looking at DOB's pictures from Alaska make me want to go there. It looked pretty amazing.

I'm not sure when I turned into such a wuss, maybe I have always been one, but I love looking at puppies. Don't tell anyone.

Really I just signed a million dollar sponsorship from Daily Puppy for emergencypudding. That is manly right?

Don't judge me.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I just had someone at my work call my phone and it only rang once. I have a display that tells you who called and it said: Anita Panda. There is someone at my work named Anita Panda. That is a great name and it's totally true. I think that everyone could use a Panda in some way. I don't think that I could take it home though because it would try to eat my bamboo floors. Zing!!

I was able to beat 4 Guitar Hero III songs on HARD last night. It was pretty hard.

I don't know if I have written this before, but the difference between Guitar Hero III levels and the size of fries at Penn Station have an eerie parallel. EASY on Guitar Hero III is pretty damn easy especially if you have played on the higher levels. MEDIUM is a little harder but still totally doable. HARD is pretty damn hard. I won't even comment on EXPERT because it will probably be years before I could complete a song on EXPERT. SMALL fries at Penn Station are basically in a Dixie cup and are not enough for a small child. MEDIUM fries at Penn Station are satisfying but still leave you wanting more. LARGE fries at Penn Station is a gigantic fucking bucket of fries that I have eaten, but was worried I might get some sort of potato disease.

In summary there needs to be an intermediate fry and level between MEDIUM and LARGE (HARD).

I have an ice cream social at work today. Who's jealous?

To Mrs. Herd: I'm sorry that I have no pictures of Casey in her Roller Derby getup, but I think that day will hopefully not be too far off. PS. You look awfully cute in your super preggo pictures.

I need a sammich.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dennis Haskins you Dirty Bastard

I would expect this type of activity from Jesse Spano, but never from you Mr. Belding.
I ran 9 miles yesterday and it actually wasn't that bad. I was dying a few weeks ago when I had to run 6 miles, but I think I've gotten into a groove. Less than 2 weeks till my half marathon.
Does it mean that I'm really lazy because I get down on myself for not having the drive to play video games often enough. Too lazy for a traditionally lazy activity? Very sad indeed.
Congrats to Casey for passing her Roller Derby skills test last night. She had the highest score of anyone taking the test last night. Woohoo. Now she is eligible to be drafted and start practicing with a team.
On the subject of Roller Derby, the Shadow and I went to the roller derby bout last Saturday. It was a pretty good match. You can tell that everyone is getting better the more they practice. Oh and a lot of them are hot and mean. The Shadow and I laughed a lot about some of the spectators because they looked like the rejects from The Rock of Love (Bret Michael's dating show). They are like 45 year old former Poison groupies that never changed hairstyles or clothing. Priceless.
I also went to a partay at my friend Julie's house after the match. It was good to see a bunch of people I have not seen in a while. Mostly Julie, Scott and Kevin W. We had some beers, looked at all of the upgrades that they made to their house, played Wii, played with Scott's lap top steel guitar and synthesizer that he built himself, and checked out all of the fish and birds at their house. I think that Kevin and Scott are people that I aspire to be like. They are super smart and know how to do everything electronically and computer related, yet they are super humble and don't even want to talk about all the stuff they can do. I can do push ups. Oh yeah and Julie is an architect so she's doing OK herself.
I watched a ton of movies this weekend. I would probably recommend all of them though some more than others. Here they are in order of ranking: The Lookout, Doomsday, Apocolypto and Idiocracy. I really liked the idea for Idiocracy, but the movie wasn't that great. Apocolypto was pretty good although I hate Mel Gibson.
Take it sleazy.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz is such a great fucking movie!!!

I have seen it a few times already, but it just makes me so happy. I love it.

I have been falling asleep way too early every evening. I got some Starbucks tonight and it has helped. I need some hobbies. I think I will write the next great American novel and start recording some music.


PS. Don't spend 2 years sitting on the toilet or your skin will grow around the seat. I would suggest sitting on something better than a toilet seat if it is going to become part of you.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Wicket and Mario

I took the dogs for a walk when I got home from work yesterday. I was walking past Screamers on Gravois (which is a beautiful blue and yellow watering hole by the way) and a Rottweiler jumped over his fence and came right up to me and the doggies. Luckily it was a relatively nice dog in that it didn't bite any of us. Wicket kind of stood up to him and actually attempted to hump him to assert her dominance. The owner came out and was just standing there watching her dog jump on my dogs. I told her to get her dog and she finally did. I didn't understand that lady.

Oh I am now the proud owner of a bar on Gravois called Mamacitas. The best part is that it didn't cost me a dime. Wicket peed on their land to mark her territory. Since I own Wicket that makes the land mine I think. I might have to check with my lawyers and hopefully no other dogs have peed on the property since we walked by yesterday. I also own a bunch of piles of leaves in the neighborhood.

I thought that I was close to finishing Mario Galaxy, but I just discovered that I am only half way done. That is depressing. I think I can beat the final boss now, but I only have 60 out of a possible 120 stars. Mama Mia.

I found these pictures of Wicket from before we adopted her. She was at a Stray Rescue event and she was so hot that she sat in a cooler full of ice all day. It is the cutest ever:

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I got married once...

I was reading J. Russo's old blog from a long time ago and it made me wish that I had started writing bullshit on the Internets a long time ago so I could go back and read it when I was bored. Oh well I didn't. I did make a website when me and the Mrs. were getting hitched (almost 4 years ago). It has some pretty good photos and a lot of broken links because I forgot all of my passwords to go in and change anything. Here it is:


Who likes Salad?

So I was in the middle of running on the treadmill after work yesterday and I felt some terrible rumblings in my stomach. I'll spare the details, but it was not pretty. I finished my run and went home still feeling a little queasy. Instead of not eating or eating something sensible I just decided to eat a bag of croutons. It did not make me feel better, but not much worse surprisingly. The bad thing is that I have not been able to get the taste of garlic and whatever other spices were in the croutons out of my mouth. It is over 12 hours and 2 teeth brushing sessions later and I can still taste it. Let that be a lesson to you.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A whole lot of nothing


I'm kinda bored. We have entered a dead time at work between assignments. I am just reading training documents and what not.

I'm a day behind on my half marathon training because of the weather, but I should be able to catch up. I ran 7 miles on Sunday which was the most I have ever run. It wasn't terrible so I might just be able to do it. The weather, by the way, continues to be crazy. It was 78 degrees on Sunday and then Tuesday morning it was in the teens and it snowed like 8-10 inches. I can't complain though. It is kind of nice to have a BBQ and then a snowball fight all within 48 hours.

I enjoyed my week off last week, but it was kind of strange. I have always gone places when i had vacation, but I just hung out at home for the most part last week. It is the same feeling as when you are unemployed, but with a lot less stress. Casey had a day off on Friday so we drove down to Elephant Rocks State Park. I hadn't been there since I was a kid and I was hoping it wouldn't be disappointing. It was pretty nice actually. There were a lot of cool things to look at and it was a relatively nice day.

I am now a Guitar God on Medium on Guitar Hero III. Thank You.

God I am boring.

Here is a link that I have seen on 2 different blogs already, but it is pretty amusing:

Here's one I stole from Matt Picker's blog: