Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm so tired...

From doing the Ricky Bobby:

In other news, we were defeated by Madison in the Roller Derbies. It was a fun time though. Madison is great. We got to see Shelby. We also had a quick trip to Chicago to scrimmage with Chi and Philly at a skating rink on the beach of the Lake. Beautiful weather. That's all i got.

I might stop using twitter because Kid Rock says it is gay. If there is one thing i can't handle it is Kid Rock judging my sexuality based on my Internet habits. If you have any comments for Mr. Rock please email him:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A word of advice

Don't do the following things in between tooth brushings:

1. Eating a burrito 1 hour before falling asleep sleeping on the couch
2. Going for a 1 Hour bike ride
3. Drinking milk & eating a banana
4. Drinking 2 cups of Coffee

My mouth tastes like I gargled with Dumpster juice.

Besides that things are going pretty well. I have exercised 15 times in the last 18 days, although I keep gaining weight. It is probably all in my guns.

Other things I have done in the last 18 days or so that I can remember:

1. Had a nice anniversary dinner with my lady friend at Franco. 5 Years how bout that? She liked the leopard print snuggie that I bought her as well. Did you know that the 5 year thing is leopard print snuggies. That is way more affordable than the diamond one. It is a good thing that I don't really believe in those traditions. anywho...

2. Saw some roller derby and some good folks. Then we went dancing at this place where we really didn't look like we belonged (Pepper Lounge), but we were the life of the partay so it's ok. It was connected to El Borracho which was way cooler (Mexican restaurant/bar). I will have to go there to eat at some point. These 2 establishments used to be The Side Door and The Rocket Bar respectively. That kind of freaked me out, but I got over it. Evidently there were a bunch of fights at The Pepper Lounge after we left and they had to close early. Nice....

3. Took a half day from work and saw Harry Potter. I was happy with it. Saw Sonic Youth live under the Arch for free. This was a great time and beautiful night.

4. My pappy came over and helped me fix my outside faucet (it was very leaky) and threshold to my front door. Ninja also came to play with my doggies. Oh by the way, my pappy and the Ambassadors of Harmony won the Barbershop International Competition this year. He is pretty happy. How bout that? Here is a link to their stuff:

5. Went to the ARRG car wash. Someone got kicked out for staying in their car and touching themselves during the car washing. It wasn't me.

6. Went to a baseball game and sat in the last row. I could still see very well. Saw maybe the most successful wave I have ever seen. It made it at least 5 times around the whole stadium.

7. Had a good time at Andrew's partay at The Flamingo Bowl. I bowled a 184 and 170. The 184 is my 2nd best score ever. It was fun to hang with Andrew, TH, Ash, Casey & McFly, Nick Normal, his friends (twins & Octavia) and the craziest guy I have ever met that is still sane. It was this British guy that is dating Nick's sister. He was maybe 50 years old and he was like if you took Austin Powers, added a stronger accent, more pervertedness and about 75 Red Bulls. He is someone you would have to see to believe. I think Jello said it best when he said: I spent an hour with him, but it was possibly the most entertaining hour of my life.

I am off to Madison, WI tomorrow. The Arch Rival Roller Girls are taking on the Mad Rollin' Dolls. They are ranked #19 and #20 in the nation, so it should be a good one. Also this is the first time Casey is rostered for the Travel Team. Wooooooo. She couldn't have done it without me..........bitching that she practices too much. But it has paid off and it is all good.

I thought that this was really funny until I told Casey about it: The Pie Rapes of the Caribbean

I even had a whole cartoon in my head about pirates having their way with pies.

It is not actually funny. I need to spend more time with humans. Wicket and Peanut don't have the heart to tell me when my jokes are off.

My 2 favorite smurfs are Jokey and Grouchy.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Kirksville Pics

Some weekend pictures, courtesy of Ashley

I Heart Olivia Mun

Last night I watched an Attack Of The Show Clip show featuring the best of Olivia Mun. Damn is she funny. It doesn't hurt that she is nice to look at either.

Will someone buy this for me:

I am doing ok on my goals so far today. I ran during lunch today and did a P90X workout just a minute ago. Let's see if I can stop myself from eating lots o pizza at Lemmons 2nite.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Farmageddon 2009


Sometimes paying attention to seemingly insignificant stories can pay off.

It was probably around 1am. There were only 10 or so folks left down by the bonfire at Logan's house. I don't really recall who she was even talking to, but Logan's newish ladyfriend was talking about some dog down the road that acts crazy and freaks everyone out when they drive by. There weren't many details. I think it had something to do with why she was late to something at some point. I didn't ask any follow up questions. I just thought: huh. that sounds funny, but I've never seen any crazy dog the way we usually drive in.

Fast forward to this morning as we were leaving the farm. Casey decided to drive out the opposite way that we came in. A few minutes later we come over a hill and we see this giant white dog standing on the side of the road. At this point the dog looked like most dogs would. It was just standing well to the side of the road looking at us. I told everyone that I heard a story last night about some crazy dog down the street. Just as we were coming up on it, the crazy started to happen. It walked up to our moving car as Casey slowed down a little. Then it started spinning in circles as if it were trying to knock our car over. I don't even remember if it was barking or not, because I was so surprised at its insane behavior. Luckily we avoided being headbutted by the giant loco dog and were on our way. I really wish that we would have had a dash cam like they do on COPS to capture this experience.

Anyway.....I have not posted much in a while. I have been a little down on blogging lately. I have felt a little uninteresting and it sometimes seems pointless because I also put stuff on facebook, twitter, email, myspace, you name it. I'll get over it. It is nice to sit down and pound out some thoughts every once and a while.

I have seen a lot of good people the last few days. To name a few (not including the fabulous people I see on a regular basis): DOB, Jeannie, Ricky, The Stranger, Jessica, Robtoy, Meister, Mesiter's mom, (I now wish I could meet Meister's Grandma too because she sounds hilarious), Joe & Emily, Chelsea (although she has been on our couch a lot lately), Ruthann, Logan, Claire, Ted & Christy, Dustin & ladyfriend, J.J. and Katie, and probably others that I am forgetting but it's ok because no one reads this anyway.

I have seen some good things in the last few days: Crazy dog, Casey, fireworks in downtown St. Louie, the new citygarden (which is awesome by the way), Kirksville (different but still fells like my second home).

I feel good, but I have a few goals in the upcoming days, weeks, months:

Watch The Wire and Battlestar Gallactica, Read Infinite Jest, Start living better in terms of exercise and eating (mostly eating), Plan a trip to Oregon in August, play music. I know I always have these on my list, but I have to keep writing them down until they stick.

Thanks to the Shadow for watching my dogs.

What do 9 out of 10 people enjoy? A gang bang

Joke courtesy of Dustin.

Oh yeah and if I hear the word staycation one more time, I am going to paralyze you so you can have a permanent staycation.