Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Does it make me old if I enjoyed New Year's Day brunch at my house as much if not more than NYE? Does it make me even older that I enjoy sitting in my snuggie eating werther's originals and spice drops more than New Year's Day brunch (for the record I don't have a snuggie even though there are 3 or 4 at my house at a given moment)(I also enjoys werther's originals but not spice drops)?

I did enjoy January 1st brunch a lot. There were a lot of people at our house eating breakfast food and drinking various interpretations of mimosas. We watched sports/bad movies on tv, played wii and generally ate and made each other laugh. Good times. I don't wish to take anything away from the NYE activities, but they were a little more subdued because the old bag (I mean healthy, beautiful and vibrant but with the immune system of a premature albino baby) was sick again. We had some sushi and thai food, then hung out at Anne's briefly before coming home relatively early (1ish).

So what has been different so far this year? Not much yet. It is cold as fuck. I don't really mind that much, but it makes going outside or leaving the house in general less appealing. I guess I can try to finish Dexter season 4, play some video games, read, play guitar, work out etc. i like those things. It is kind of sad, but now that the QPTB reunion has come and gone I am lacking any real longish term goals. Any ideas? I guess I have house fixing/remodeling goals and fitness goals, but nothing that gets my fire going when I think about it.

My damn feet still hurt. I have been trying to run a few times a week and while it does not make my feet hurt more, it does not help either. I gave up on shoe inserts and the Vibram 5 finger frog shoes seem to help, but maybe I should do some not running for a longer period. I have been wearing shoes in the cold instead of the 5finger frog shoes, but yesterday I bought some special socks so maybe I will see how that goes. Man do they look ridiculous. I went into REI for the first time yesterday to buy said special socks. It is a nice store, but the people who work there are weird. It seemed like the REI corporate office went to Boulder Colorado and picked up anyone hitchhiking and gave them a job at REI.

Well I am going to get back to staring at my new 2010 Desk Calendar. What is it you might ask? Well is is called Cat Naps and each day features a kitten or group of kittens (I think it is called a Murder of Kittens) sleeping.