Thursday, May 27, 2010


It is so nice to go on a trip where the weather is nicer than where you live, and you don't almost die from a flood. Maybe I'm just getting picky in my old age.

Some highlights of the trip:

- Ate some good food, but not too much due to our many Roller Derby commitments. Although somehow I gained like 6 pounds. That is not a joke. 6 pounds. Luckily I have already lost 3.5 of those and I have made a new commitment to eating better and exercising more consistently. If you see me eating shit, or sitting on the couch then punch me in the arm (my face* does not need any damage).

The first good place we ate was Riviera Maya. It had a lot of vegetarian options and I ate some plantain/rice/cheese/avocado dish. It was pretty tasty. The afterparty was at a microbrewery called the Horny Goat. It was fine, but they have tater tots which is one of my favorite forms of potatoes. The last place was called Beans & Barley. It is a small grocery store & restaurant. It was simple but good. I had a burrito, coffee and key lime pie.

- The Roller Derby was good. There were 10 bouts per day and I probably saw at least parts of most of them. ARRG came away with a 2-1 record. It is nice to get back on the winning track. The bout against Burning River of Cleveland was the most complete and controlled game I have ever seen us play. I wish that Casey could have played, but she says her knee is starting to feel better.

The venue got hot and sweaty on Sunday, but I can't complain too much because it was in the 90s in St. Louie. They had a sweet pinball game there (World Cup) which helped some slower moments.

- The aforementioned afterparty was pretty good. I got to visit with some old friends from Omaha & St. Louis. Oh and we had 2 shakeweights. Yes shakeweights. Towards the end of the night I definitely felt like a creep because most people I knew were gone and it was only roller ladies left over. I tried to occupy myself as long as I could. Old Old Old.

That's all I got.

*Speaking of my face....I shaved my beard off. This is the first time I have been clean shaven since October. I needed a trim and I just figured what the heck. I realized that I am not a fan of my face and I think I will start a beard again. I just need to keep up with trimming it more often. I guess it is nice to know that I can go from looking 31 to 13 in an instant just by shaving.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Whoomp Here it is

Wowee I am worn out. We just finished a week of birthday festivities for my special lady friend and I need a rest (She was 19 when we started dating and now she is 29 (old)). Happy Birthday!!! The rest is not coming anytime soon though, but so be it. (The biggest distraction to my rest is when certain people come to my house and try to take over my couch and eat my food).

The highlights of the last week:

BYOJJ Partay. This partay was epic for many reasons. It had dancing, jello shots, cake beards, cops, dogs, cats, starburst, awesome costumes and so much more. Call me lame, but I love a theme partay and an excuse to dress up like a fool. I got a sweet jacket on clearance at sports authority, some new sweatbands, short shorts under my regular shorts for 'extra special surprise reveal moments' and some calf high striped socks. Way to go Courtney for throwing a theme birthday partay (especially one that I can walk to).

For some reason I can't remember what I did on Saturday.....Ok now that I've checked my online banking and text messages I've remembered. It was a pretty slow day consisting of rain, long dog walks, Macklind Days (street fair about a mile from our house), and Iron Man 2. Even though it was not optimal weather Macklind Days seemed pretty well attended. We also went last year and it is a pretty fun laid back time. It also got me off my ass and motivated me to let the doggies get some exercise. I went into Iron Man 2 with low expectations because Karista was let down by it, but I must say that it was very enjoyable. Karista must just have some problems that she needs to get over :). The action was pretty bad-ass and the story was good enough to bring us to the action. Speaking of the story...I heard that both Iron Man 1 & 2 did not really have a script. They just worked out the details as they shot the film. I think that is pretty cool. I also have a soft spot for Mickey Rourke and a hard spot for Scarlett Johansson.

Sunday I did a lot of laundry and watched about 8 episodes of the show 'Party Down' on Netflix. If you have not watched it you should check it out. It is definitely my kind of humor. It is a lot of the people behind Wet Hot American Summer and some of the recent funny movies. Fred Savage is the director. Yes, that Fred Savage. Is that a selling point? After that The sHadow took Casey out for her birthday to Aya Sophia. We had always meant to check it out, but never had for some reason. I am glad we did. I don't remember what everyone got, but I got Musaka which is an eggplant/beef/cheese/red sauce dish that was unbelievable. I washed it down with some good red wine. Thanks Kris!!!

That brings me to a very important discovery that I made recently about wine.

I enjoy and appreciate wine, but I don't respect it.

I don't have a problem with you if you are a wine snob, but I am just not one and will never be. I know when wine is good and when it is bad. I reserve the right to drink wine right out of the bottle. I reserve the right to drink wine out of a mason jar or pint glass. I also reserve the right to fill my wine glass, mason jar or pint glass to the very top. If it is good then drink it before someone else can. That is all.

Monday was the big day for the birthday girl. She tried to eat 29 desserts, but came up short. It wasn't for lack of trying. She had cake & Kit kats for breakfast. Some m&ms for a snack. Adriana's and gooey butter cake for lunch. Had a crepe for another snack. Had a great dinner at 1111 Mississippi that included cheesecake. The night ended up at the Silver Ballroom where she had some shots that could be designated as dessert. They were called Martian Pie. They were green with whipped cream and they tasted like coconut suntan lotion. Finally she had some cookies shaped like watermelons. That brings my count to: 10 desserts. Not too shabby.

Side note: I love playing pinball.

Side note 2: Why do I feel so emotionally drained at the end of Benjamin Button? Am I scared of getting dementia, or is the situation so odd that I don't know how to feel.

Side note 3: We are going to Milwaukee for the weekend for a Roller Derby tournament. Unfortunately my special newly 29 year old lady is still out with a knee injury, but it should be fun. I have never been there. What should we do/eat/see?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cinco de Miracle Whip

Damn. I suck at blogging again. I told myself that I would not let it go this long again, but what did I really expect? I need a manager. Someone to yell at me when I am too lazy of a web blogger. Is it a coincidence that a lot of things have gone to shit since my last posts? Yes. Yes it is. I am going to put down the date that I meant to write about certain topics next to the topic. Please put yourself in a mental time machine when reading said topics. Thanks!!

1. 5/10/2010. Is this pizza awesome or what?
Are there places that specialize in custom pizza shapes? There should be. In the words of Nick Normal: PREAM Pizza Rules Everything Around Me - Get the Slice. Pizza Pizza Slice Y'all

2. 4/19/2010 Had a quick trip to Cincinnati with the ladies of ARRG. It was a pretty fun trip and I made a few realizations.

a. The Cinci Rollergirls have a super awesome venue for Roller Derby: The Cincinnati Gardens. They have tons of seats, tailgating is encouraged, ample parking, they have Chick Fil A sandwiches for sale, and the freaking Beatles once played there. Ahhh If only the Arena hadn't been blowed up here in STL. It seems like the other viable Roller Derby venues in the city are both owned by SLU: Bauman-Eberhardt Center (holds 2200 up top, but might only have a basketball playing surface) and the Chaifetz Arena which holds 10,600 (awesome, but probably 1 bazillion dollars to rent/use).

b. People in Saint Louis are nice. At first I thought that maybe people/fans in Cinci were super assholes, but the more places I go the more I realize that people in STL are just super nice. We don't boo people unless they deserve to be booed.

3. 4/20/2010 Woooooo 420. Happy Birthday to little Oscar and big Sean. I will always remember your weed smokin birthdays.

4. 4/28/2010 I could not have even written this on my home computer on 4/28 because I got many computer virus' and spyware. The lesson is: Don't get a virus. It can ruin your evening.

5. 5/5/5010 I went to 3 Mexican restaurants on Cinco de Mayo. What does that make me? A drunk American. It was fun though.

I started this post days ago, and it is not interesting or funny so I want to end it now.

Do you know which are my two favorite Smurfs?
If you guessed Jokey and Grouchy you were right. Although Vanity and Brainy are pretty good too. Did you know that Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Hermann) is playing Jokey in an upcoming CGI Smurfs movie? Woah.

Look I posted something.