Monday, April 18, 2011

I feel just like Arnold

Here are some awesome quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger about growing older and getting fatter:

"I feel terrific about where I am in my life, when I look back at what I've accomplished," the former governor tells Lloyd Grove. "But I feel so sh*tty when I look at myself in the mirror."

"I'm not competing, I'm not ripping off my shirt and trying to sell the body," the former governor frets. "But when I stand in front of the mirror and really look, I wonder: What the f*ck happened here? Jesus Christ. What a beating!"

In other news...I am bummed that I didn't get to go on the FBC bike ride last night because of Casey's tire, but life goes on. The valve broke off as we were giving it air. The doggies are getting their hair cut as we speak so I am excited to get home and see that. I wanted peanut to only be left with a pair of fuzzy pants, but I don't think Casey went for it. Maybe next year.