Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I went on a roof in Lakeview. It pretty much ruled.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Couch in the Bathroom

One of my favorite things lately has been listening to Beach House in the shower. That might sound very depressing, but for reals y'all. I like it. It is very relaxing. When I was getting out of the shower tonight I was thinking that the only thing better than this shower would be to have a couch to sit on in the bathroom. A bathroom couch preserves the calm feeling going on in the shower just a little longer. You could sit and listen to music, read a book, take a nap...the options are endless. Maybe it is like a sauna, but a little more comfortable. Unfortunately my bathroom couch dream is not happening any time soon because the bathroom in this apartment is way small.

In a lot of ways I feel like I'm back in college in this Chicago apartment. It is smaller than my house in St. Louis, there is no dishwasher, we don't have cable TV, I walk everywhere and I vomit from being drunk every night. Ok not every night, but I did have a drink or ten at a dinner partay on Sunday night. It was a good time. I don't miss the cable TV at all. I would prefer to have a dishwasher, but the good thing about no dishwasher is more opportunities to listen to music. I would like a couch in my kitchen too.

I have been working like a dog lately. Well a motivated dog would be more like it since my dogs sleep about 20 hours a day. Other than working I have been going on dog walks, trying to work out at the Cheetah Gym and watching Netflix. Just finished Bored to Death season 2. It just got cancelled which sucks, but was expected because things that appeal to me get cancelled.

Hey XXXmas is coming. See you there Jeebus.