Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

What day it is

I started to doubt that Chicago had the season I have come to know as winter, but I think it finally arrived. Which is fine. There was some snow the other day.  It was very pretty and I didn't have to drive anywhere so I'm all for anything that meets those two criteria.  The puppies seem to enjoy it too. I think they have been bored so anything new is very exciting.

I have been soooo busy with work that I barely know what day it is. Nothing too bad though. Just busy.

I thought for a few minutes about trying to buy Coachella tickets. Refused & Godspeed! You Black Emperor among many others will be there, but I've been there before and I'm hoping they will make their way to Chicago.  I feel like I love most Swedish things except for most of the food (stinkheads). 

This was uber boring, but I'm trying to get in the practice of writing again.. so deal with it.