Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I was just reading DOB's beelog where he mentioned that he wrote so he could remember things that happened.  That inspired me to write in here again.  I feel like I just started living in Chicago, but it has already been 7 months.  Holy crap what a blur.  Right now I remember what/when I did things by looking on my foursquare history/receipts/scars.  Maybe if I write things that I do in here it will seem more significant.  Maybe not...

The missus and I spent Memorial Day weekend in St. Louie.  We seem to end up there every other month or so.  It is always good to be back, but this weekend was mostly business and it was hot as hell as an added bonus.  The business I refer to is the less than solid real estate business that we are forced into.  We had been trying to sell our house in St. Louis since September, but finally gave up and decided to rent it to some friends of ours.  We are still losing money each month, but now we are losing so much less.  Is that cause for celebration?  Sort of.  So we went by the house to clean, grab anything else we left, meet with our new tenants, and do some yard work.  I have to say that I am pretty happy that I won't have to mow a lawn for at least a year.   

We got to fit in a little fun while we were there as well, including:  Eating at Adriana's & Mud House with Ashley, BBQing with my family, going to the I55 Raceway to see some dirt track car racing in Pevely, MO (which was actually totally fun) & Maxing and/or Relaxing. 

Other stray thoughts:

1.  There was a shoe box labeled 'Tapez' that I grabbed out of our garage that I started going through once we were back in Chicago.  There were a lot of movie ticket stubs (A Highlight:  Kuffs), lazer tag ticket stubs, McDonald's toys & a Driver's License/Student ID for a person I have never seen before.  Yes that is right.  It is an Indiana Driver's License that expired in 1997 & a Student ID for the 93/94 school year at Saint Meinrad College.  I looked the guy up on Facebook to make sure he was still alive (and that I had not murdered him) and he was still alive.  I still can't figure out why I have these, and why I would not have tried to get them back to this person. 

2.  Found a radio station past Springfield, IL that played 2 Live Crew, Beastie Boys and Slick Rick on Friday night.  It may have been a musical mirage because on the drive back on Monday it was nothing that cool.

Now back to work.....